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Meet Your Mods!

Head Mod



Points Mod


Member Rules
1. Stay Active!
2. Make ALL post friends only!
3. Put Stamped// (whatever) when posting please.
4. Put Yes, No, Or Sway in the title
5. Give a reason why you voted the way you did
6. Dont Promote Other communities, Unless its in the Promoting Post!

Applicant Rules
1. If you can’t take being judged please don’t apply
2. You must be at least 14 to join.
3. In the LJ cut please put "Im a Queen Wanna-Bee"
4. Fill out the whole application
5. Please apply within 48 hours of joining.
6. If you made a little Spelling error you are aloud Allowed to change that,
but do not go redoing your post! I will know if this happens and you will not be accepted.
7. Make all Applications Friends only please!
8. Don't comment or post anything until you've been stamped besides your application,
but Don't reply with a thank you to everyone.
9. The Promoting is Optional in the application- But it always earns more brownie points with the mod :)
10. Dont Promote Other communities, Unless its in the Promoting Post!

Normal Application

The I'm Hot Enough Application

The Picture Only Application

For a list of accepted members and points go here
Myspace Pages!

A list of rejected members or banned members will be here once there are any

+3 for each promotion
+5 for every picture
+5 for getting accepted
+10 for text post
+10 for every graphic you make for the community
+15 extra if I use it
+25 for every Survey
+45 for every Scavenger Hunt
+50 for winning Superlative
+15 for entering any contest

-10 for not using LJ cuts on post that really need them
(if you rape our LJ page you lose 10 points and make all the members angry)
-50 make your vote count twice
-250 For an Auto Accept/Auto Reject
-750 Kick A Member out (doesn't work for mods sorry)

Cutest Pet

These can be picture found online or if you want picture you've taken

Coloring Contest
Caption Contest
Picture Theme+10 points
Post Pictures of something you find Beautiful
Text Theme+10 points
Tell us what you do to relieve stress
Recommendation+6 points
Recommend a good game to play (video/board/computer doesnt matter)


1. Make a post saying "I am Challenging _____" in the subject
2. Post up to 4 pictures of yourself and up to 4 pictures of them
3. Also don’t just go pick all there bad pictures put at least one good one up (if they have one)
4. The loser must leave the community, and may re-apply
5. Must state why you made the challenge (ugly, bitch, rude, whatever it is)

Fun Challange!
1. Make a post stating Fun Challenge with ______ in the subject.
2. Post up to 4 pictures of yourself and let them respond with 4 pictures of themselves.
3. Loser loses 50 points or promotes 5 times.
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If you would like to be one leave a comment here
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Current Promotional Banners Located here

Other Communitys to check out (any promoting should be behind here!)
Thanks to barbiegirl_lj for this beautiful layout.